2881. Congee with side dishes. Mmmm, looks delicious.


2881. Congee with side dishes. Mmmm, looks delicious.

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It’s Halloween time at Disneyland!


It’s Halloween time at Disneyland!

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when i was younger i really wanted to try turkish delight cause i figured it had to be pretty good if edmund betrayed his family for it

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It’s October 22

I’m not sure where September and October went but I’m in my ninth week of school. Midterms are over and that was a brutal experience, I wasn’t sleeping much and I pretty much inhabited the fourth floor of the library. My favorite cubicle is right next to the books on female liberation and sexual awakening. The denim cutoffs and flimsy knit cardigans have officially been cast in the back of my closet in favor of my North Face fleeces. It looks like tomorrow will mark the first snowfall of the season. The Californian in me is a little excited—albeit bewildered at the prospect of it dipping below 20 soon. College has made me increasingly introverted and I’m excited for weekends in with good food and friends but mostly me in my bed watching Netflix. Hopefully with a Jimmy John’s sub or some garlic parmesan fries. 

I can’t find myself getting too worked up over Halloween. It used to be my favorite holiday and the idea of getting dressed up in a semi-slutty cat costume and knocking back jungle juice at the Nu Alpha Phi house seems to be the college ideal of how we should spend Halloweekend. Frankly, it’s very underwhelming compared to how I used to feel whenever Party City’s costume catalog came in the mail and the Halloweens of my childhood. But Christmas, Christmas is forever especially given that at that point, I will have been away from home for four months. There’s nothing like experiencing the bitter chill of a Syracuse winter and fly home toward the sun and all of its 60 degree glory. Given seasonal appropriateness and white winters versus home sentiments , the latter always wins out. It also helps that two of my close cousins are getting married and I’m turning 21 and all that, too. 

I’m learning a lot about school and I like it when I’m not living in the library, spending six dollars on turkey wraps with too much honey mustard. I know you think that too much honey mustard isn’t a thing but it is. 

I’m doing a multimedia piece on a philanthropic scarf company started by an SU student—filming and editing myself. I’m also building a website for another non-profit that donates prom dresses. Tomorrow I will be interviewing the Vice President of Marketing from one of my favorite magazines. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to immerse myself in so many projects connected with the real world but with only two semesters left after my abroad stint, I feel nervous and if I’m honest, like I’m wasting my time. I don’t really know how to explain it but time is flying and I am increasingly apprehensive. A few friends are talking about grad school and law school and I can’t even fathom the thought of going to school again despite my fear about leaving it. 

Anyway those are my ~thoughts of the evening. It’s cold. Lavender tea is good, I haven’t done laundry in three weeks, I don’t have clean socks.  I’m always a little homesick but it’s the kind that makes you glad you went away in the first place to appreciate all of it. I would like a fish taco (a few), some Taiwanese popcorn chicken, and some of my mother’s red bean stew. 

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