When I drop my phone in between my car seat and the seatbelt


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"One of the cruelest things you can do to another person is pretend you care about them more than you really do."

Douglas Coupland (via uoa)

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"I care. I care a lot. It’s kinda my thing."

Leslie Knope (via pokec0re)

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Trying really hard to be thrifty and the only food I bought on campus this week was my fav vegetarian bean chili from food.com and a gross red delicious apple. On Tuesday I went to a human rights speaker and I was starving per usual and there was food! Bacon and avocado wraps and chips and cookies and sodas. I try not to eat cookies and sodas (I can’t resist chips really, ever) so my body got really weird from all the sugar. But of course this didn’t stop me from eating the maple frosted donuts that my news professor brought in my next class. And that is all worth mentioning because free food is great good (not necessarily but still) woke up and it was snowing outside. Huge test on Wednesday will determine if I can stop taking a class/whether or not I will have 3 finals on dec 9. Pressure
Figured out that I don’t really like Pilates.
I have a twenty page paper due Wednesday and I’m seeing Macklemore on Monday!


- turned down an interview for a paid internship in Chataqua

- was in lab for 12 hours straight but created and designed a website for a charity

- greatest compliment of my life was when super amazing girl crush from the help desk saw my work and asked me if I was a design major

- got drunk tonight and walked into two random peoples’ houses and proceeded to drink with them. Two of the girls I was with decided they were hungry and stole a loaf of sourdough bread as we were leaving

"Motherfuckers will read a book that’s 1/3 elvish, but put two sentences in Spanish and White people think we’re taking over."

Junot Diaz to the interview question “Do you think using Spanish in your writing alienates some of your readers?” (via sugarpuf)

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"and if he wants to leave
then let him leave
you are terrifying
and strange and beautiful
something not everyone knows how to love"

Warsan Shire, For Women Who Are Difficult To Love
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Conde Nast stops offering unpaid internships, everyone in my mag class the next day is crying and disillusioned with life. Lots of soup and tea in my system—peppermint tea, sometimes Hokkaido, vegetarian chili from food.com, trying to make a solid tomato soup and some grilled cheese. 

Spin class last Friday—intense but so fun. Listening to Motion City Soundtrack and PATD! brings me back to eighth grade and makes me feel weird, mixed things. 

Madame Delphine LaLaurie: future Fox News correspondent

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